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OnBase Product Modules

Content-driven organisations will continue to look for the quickest and most reliable practice for creating or transitioning information into their businesses. Today, content rarely arrives from a single source. The challenge is to not only manage the way in which content is received, but to understand how to best leverage its intrinsic value.

Once information has been captured, OnBase® structures the organisation of documents through the use of document types and document type groups. These conceptual repositories enable organisations to breakdown content into easily definable, truly manageable groups. Centralized and de-centralized storage and redundancy is offered to ensure that content remains secure and accessible across multiple locations.

To ensure ease-of-use, OnBase places chief importance on the user experience, which it delivers by means of the OnBase Client. All user activity is performed quickly, consistently and securely through a single thin or thick client interface. The modular nature of OnBase opens up realms of functionality available to the user. Integration with enterprise and line of business systems erases the borders between applications and empowers users to create, access, cross-reference and process content across multiple environments using a few simple techniques.

Finally, OnBase offers an array of modules to address nearly every conceivable scenario of distributing stored content including enterprise storage solutions, web publishing, fax, e-mail, printing and CD/DVD.